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JANUARY 14 2019 |

Trends in information technology law: looking ahead to 2019

This piece looks ahead to what we might expect as IT law developments in 2019. You can tell that digital transformation really is well under way when commentators who in past years have freely given just 10 top IT predictions for next year start to signal ’31 Tech Predictions for 2019’ (, ’60 cybersecurity predictions […] MORE
SEPTEMBER 25 2018 |

Contract life-cycle management (CLM) software: transforming in-house legal work

This article by Richard Kemp and Nooreen Ajmal was first published in Practical Law’s In-House Blog in September 2018. In the last few years, General Counsel ‘Barometers’ on legal management, technology trends and digital transformation have started to appear, assessing in-house responses to these key and overlapping issues. One of the areas they all focus on […] MORE
AUGUST 03 2018 |

Kemp IT Law shortlisted for Law Society’s Business Excellence Awards

We are delighted to have been recognised by the Law Society in their Business Excellence Awards, having received a shortlisting in the 2018  Excellence in Technology & Innovation category in England and Wales. The winners will be announced in October 2018 at the awards ceremony in London. Law Society president Christina Blacklaws said: “There are more […] MORE
JULY 13 2018 |

Cloud IP Litigation: Evolving Patent Defensive Counter Measures

The migration to the cloud and transformation to digital now so visibly under way are moving intellectual property (IP) centre stage as all businesses become software companies. In past blogs, we looked at the rising tide of software patent claims brought by NPEs (Non-Practising Entities, typically businesses that buy patents to monetise by litigation not […] MORE
JUNE 29 2018 |

Balancing act: cloud benefits versus cloud security

Published first in the Practical Law In-House Blog. The cloud (access to on-demand, scalable, pooled, remote IT resources paid for “as you go”) is now in mainstream and IT on-premise (traditional IT infrastructure located at the user’s site) is rapidly migrating to it. In-cloud provides attractive benefits, including: Provisioning flexibility. Access to new services. Assisting digital transformation. […] MORE
MAY 25 2018 |

GDPR Compliance

The GDPR is now in force and Kemp IT Law has put together several blogs and vlogs to assist businesses in being compliant with the new rules. A summary of these resources is below. An extract from our IT law trends for 2018 blog: GDPR will continue to be top of mind for many IT lawyers […] MORE
JANUARY 17 2018 |

What has AI ever done for us?

At the moment, legal AI is at the “frothy” part of the hype cycle. It’s a bit like the scene What did the Romans ever do for us? in the film the Life of Brian, but in reverse. The scene’s premise is that the Romans did little, but of course they did a lot. Legal […] MORE
JANUARY 10 2018 |

Trends in information technology law: looking ahead to 2018

This piece looks ahead to what we might expect as IT law developments in 2018. Unusually as we go into a new year, the main headlines of what IT lawyers can expect in 2018 are signposted at the outset: new financial services laws in January, the GDPR in May and looking ahead to Brexit in […] MORE