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MAY 25 2018 |

GDPR Compliance

The GDPR is now in force and Kemp IT Law has put together several blogs and vlogs to assist businesses in being compliant with the new rules. A summary of these resources is below. An extract from our IT law trends for 2018 blog: GDPR will continue to be top of mind for many IT lawyers […] MORE
JANUARY 17 2018 |

What has AI ever done for us?

At the moment, legal AI is at the “frothy” part of the hype cycle. It’s a bit like the scene What did the Romans ever do for us? in the film the Life of Brian, but in reverse. The scene’s premise is that the Romans did little, but of course they did a lot. Legal […] MORE
JANUARY 10 2018 |

Trends in information technology law: looking ahead to 2018

This piece looks ahead to what we might expect as IT law developments in 2018. Unusually as we go into a new year, the main headlines of what IT lawyers can expect in 2018 are signposted at the outset: new financial services laws in January, the GDPR in May and looking ahead to Brexit in […] MORE
JULY 19 2017 |

Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

‘It’s only AI until you know what it does, then it’s just software’ is a good way of making artificial intelligence accessible.  Fuelled by exploding volumes of big data – digital data is growing at a compound rate of 60% per year – AI can be seen as the convergence of machine processing, learning, perception […] MORE
JUNE 26 2017 |

Future proofing software licences for the machine age

The interconnected world of the 4th industrial revolution is driven by software. As software functionality continues to expand through developments in algorithms, AI, APIs, business process automation and smart contracts, software systems increasingly interact more widely and with more and more other systems. It is not surprising therefore that issues around software over-deployment – where […] MORE
JUNE 09 2017 |

Growing Patent Claim Risks in Cloud Computing

This blog develops the themes of our February piece on cloud availability risks from software patent claims. It shows how the patent cloudscape is changing; how PAEs are increasingly active in Europe as well as in the USA; and how CSPs are starting to respond in their contract terms. With increasingly recognised benefits of security, […] MORE
APRIL 12 2017 |

Privacy, data protection and cyber security in the Internet of Things

Richard Kemp recently contributed a video to Practical Law which outlines the legal issues that businesses involved in the Internet of Things need to be aware of. Topics include: The Internet of Things (IoT) explained Why the IoT is so significant The Fourth Industrial Revolution Key legal issues related to the IoT Key privacy and […] MORE
MARCH 03 2017 |

The Rise of the Machines?

“You cannot play God then wash your hands of the things that you’ve created. Sooner or later, the day comes when you can’t hide from the things that you’ve done anymore.” (Adama, Battlestar Galactica) AI and Robotics are not new. For many years, centuries even, humanity has been fascinated with the concept of non-human intelligence. […] MORE