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APRIL 12 2017 |

Privacy, data protection and cyber security in the Internet of Things

Richard Kemp recently contributed a video to Practical Law which outlines the legal issues that businesses involved in the Internet of Things need to be aware of. Topics include: The Internet of Things (IoT) explained Why the IoT is so significant The Fourth Industrial Revolution Key legal issues related to the IoT Key privacy and […] MORE
MARCH 03 2017 |

The Rise of the Machines?

“You cannot play God then wash your hands of the things that you’ve created. Sooner or later, the day comes when you can’t hide from the things that you’ve done anymore.” (Adama, Battlestar Galactica) AI and Robotics are not new. For many years, centuries even, humanity has been fascinated with the concept of non-human intelligence. […] MORE
MARCH 03 2017 |

SAP v Diageo – the UK’s first software over-deployment case: takeaways for business

The interconnected world of the 4th industrial revolution is driven by software. As software functionality continues to expand through developments in algorithms, AI, APIs, business process automation and smart contracts, software systems increasingly interact more widely and with more and more other systems. It is not surprising therefore that issues around software over-deployment – where […] MORE
FEBRUARY 01 2017 |

Cloud Computing: Software Patent Claims and the Risks to Service Availability

As the public cloud services market continues to mature and grow – up from $178bn in 2015 to $209bn in 2016 according to research company Gartner[1] – the concentration of computing resources into cloud data centres is increasingly attracting the attention of NPEs as a target for patent litigation. At a time when data security […] MORE
JANUARY 09 2017 |

Trends in information technology law: looking ahead to 2017

As we go into 2017 the incipient ‘technologisation’ or ‘IT-isation’, if you’ll excuse the terms, of our lives is gathering pace and becoming much plainer to see. The first few days of December 2016 alone have seen a number of significant developments: Michigan, the home of the US motor industry, became the first state to […] MORE
NOVEMBER 10 2016 |

AI in the Mainstream: Successfully Managing the Legal Issues of AI Adoption

From next-gen PDAs to legal due diligence to autonomous taxis to Watson, the last few months have seen the start of adoption at scale of Artificial Intelligence (AI). But this is only the beginning: AI applications will impact all our work and personal lives increasingly quickly, increasingly radically. AI contracts and regulatory questions are now […] MORE
SEPTEMBER 15 2016 |

LFaaS (Law Firm as a Service) V: ABSs – what’s new, what’s coming into view, what’s working & what’s not?

This is an extract from Richard Kemp’s presentation at The Alternative Legal Management Summit in September 2016. Supply-side macro-picture: UK GDP, private practice solicitor numbers and demographics Measured against UK GDP, the role of private practice solicitors in the economy has increased over the last twenty years: there was one private practice solicitor for each […] MORE
AUGUST 05 2016 |

Could a computer algorithm be put on trial?

Richard Kemp comments in Tech Radar’s article on whether the algorithmic economy could have morally questionable consequences. “Algorithms are essentially sets of rules that computers must follow when processing data – so, in legal terms, they’re much like any other software,” says Richard Kemp, founder of Kemp IT Law and one of the world’s top […] MORE
JULY 06 2016 |

Brexit and IT Law (II): Data Protection

This is the second in a series of occasional blogs we’ll be writing about what Brexit means for IT and IT Law in the coming weeks and months. Deirdre Moynihan reviews what Brexit is likely to mean for Data Protection, where the approach to implementing the General Data Protection Regulation could well turn out to […] MORE