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JUNE 14 2019 |

Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing: Cloud Contracting

Over the last few years, IT lawyers have seen a significant increase in the number and range of cloud contracts coming across their desks. This trend is set to continue in the months and years ahead as cloud computing comes to be the predominant mechanism for organisations to receive, consume, develop and deliver IT services. […] MORE
SEPTEMBER 25 2018 |

Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence (v2.0)

Since the first version of this white paper in 2016, the range and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has expanded at a dizzying pace as the area continues to capture an ever greater share of the business and popular imaginations. Along with the cloud, AI is emerging as the key driver of the ‘fourth industrial […] MORE
JUNE 10 2018 |

Demystifying IT Law

This white paper is aimed at in-house lawyers as an introduction on what to look out for in lawyering an organisation’s procurement, deployment and governance of IT. Download the PDF here. Last updated June 2018   MORE
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JUNE 07 2018 |

Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing: Cloud Security

After the bow wave of GDPR readiness legal work in the run up to 25 May 2018, IT lawyers may be forgiven for thinking that the biggest change is now behind them. But the truth is that GDPR heralds rather than ends a period of change in IT law and regulation as business transforms through […] MORE
JUNE 11 2017 |

Legal Aspects of the Internet of Things

Whilst there is still no formally accepted definition, the Internet of things (IoT) is generally understood as everyday things, objects and devices that are connected to the Internet. The range of things is vast and increasing: watches, glasses and other wearables; health indicators; home automation like smart meters and connected lightbulbs, thermostats and fridges; right […] MORE
JUNE 07 2017 |

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Richard Kemp originally wrote this white paper on artificial intelligence for Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law. In research consultancy Gartner’s ‘Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2007’ survey, Gartner Vice-President and Fellow David Cearley said: “over the next 10 years, virtually every app, application and service will incorporate some level of AI. This will form a long-term […] MORE
MARCH 07 2016 |

Cloud Computing and Data Sovereignty

HMG published a new version of the Investigatory Powers Bill  on Tuesday 1st March 2016 – this is an update of the October 2015 white paper on the same topic. Download the PDF MORE