Data law

Data law: data rights, protection, security and sovereignty

Digital data volumes are exploding, growing at 10 times every 5 years. Information drives competitive advantage: better use of more data means organisations know more about market places and customers than their competitors.

Legal aspects of data – data rights, data protection, data security and data sovereignty – have consequently become critical to all organisations.

Data is funny stuff in legal terms. There are no right in data – you can’t steal it – but increasingly valuable legal rights and onerous legal duties arise in relation to data.  The world of data law and regulation is evolving rapidly. Seemingly intractable issues around data privacy, security and sovereignty are raising the business costs and risks of protecting, securing and managing customers’ and other stakeholders’ data.

How do organisations maximise their data opportunities whilst managing risk and ensuring legal compliance? What are the strategies, policies, processes, procedures and contracting approaches for success? We have unmatched experience at both the tactical and strategic level in advising on all aspects of data law, regulation and projects.