Cloud computing law

Cloud computing law: strategies, regulatory compliance and contracts

As cloud computing continues to mature, organisations are increasingly implementing cloud strategies to capture the efficiencies and benefits that it delivers.

Organisations are increasingly adopting a structured approach to cloud migration based on:

  • data classification (what workloads can we move to the cloud? what workloads will never leave the building?);
  • effective security requirements for those data classes and workloads that are appropriate for the cloud; and
  • practical procedures to demonstrate effective cloud security management.

This means in turn that market practice for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS contracting is evolving particularly rapidly at the moment.

We advise customers and suppliers at each level of the value chain on cloud computing strategies, regulatory compliance and contracts.  We have deep experience of the key legal and regulatory issues that arise, including all data law aspects, regulatory and customer policy compliance, service levels, audit, disaster recovery/business continuity, exit and sub-contractor flow-down.