Standards: fighting tomorrow’s market place battles today

Before long ‘everything that computes will connect and everything that connects will compute’. In interconnected markets, what makes this possible is the standards that control interoperability – technical interface or compatibility specifications intended to provide a common design for a product or process.

Tomorrow’s market place battles can be won and lost on today’s standards setting playing fields.  Technical standards in the Cloud, mobile and data arenas are therefore becoming increasingly strategically important to all participants in these markets.

We understand the tensions for companies between the commercial benefits of having your standard adopted and the apparent hit to your intellectual property this may cause. We have broad experiences of the detailed IP and competition and regulatory law issues that arise, and how these tensions can be mediated to advantage in the IP policies of standards setting organisations (SSOs).

In particular, we have broad experience of the ISO 27000 family of information security standards, including the business process and policy requirements of ISO 27002 and ISO 27018 and its requirements for personally identifiable information (PII) and the public Cloud.