4th industrial revolution

The 4th industrial revolution (4th IR)

The 4th industrial revolution (4thIR) – after steam, electricity and computing – is the term coined by Davos founder Klaus Schwab for the deep digital transformation that Schwab says is now upon us.

As digital innovation starts to transform our physical, digital and biological worlds – as our lives start to become ‘technologised’ or ‘IT-ised’, if you’ll excuse the terms – we stand on the threshold of vast ranges of IT-driven change, where

  • 3D manufacturing
  • AI
  • augmented reality
  • autonomous vehicles
  • big data
  • blockchain and smart contracts
  • connected homes
  • IoT
  • neurotechnologies
  • robotics
  • smart cities
  • will all impact our lives. It is hard to foresee the first, let alone subsequent, generation consequences of the change they will bring about.

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