Brexit & IT law

Brexit & IT law

A surprising thing about the UK’s June 2016 referendum was that no one explained what we’re leaving. The EU is an elevator with economic integration at the top floor. As the graphic shows, the elevator rises through levels of increasing integration.  The UK got into the lift at the ground floor. The big questions for the UK IT industry after BREXIT are: which floor will the UK get out at? and what will be the best outcome for the Article 50 EU withdrawal process?

Graphic: BREXIT and the international trade elevator to economic integration

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We have broad experience of the questions of EU and UK law that will be relevant for BREXIT, including:

  • the intricacies of customs origin, classification, valuation and tariff rules and goods, services and IP trade agreements
  • the pros and cons for international and domestic IT developers and buyers of getting out at any particular floor
  • what Article 50 means for all UK IT-related law that has come out of Brussels
  • the implications for new IT rules that are in  the pipeline but haven’t yet hit the statute book
  • what Brexit and the 4th industrial revolution will mean for IT law

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