by Richard Kemp, Deirdre Moynihan, Chris Kemp

Algo IP: Rights in Code – 2020 Update Webinar – 23rd April 2020

Webinar –  Thursday April 23rd –  9.00 – 10.15 am

The relationship between copyright and software has never been easy. The Google v Oraclecopyright case of the decade’ now in the US Supreme Court is shining a spotlight on the details.

Whichever way the case goes, the relationship between intellectual property and software, algos, AI and the cloud is set to develop in the 2020s in ways that will profoundly impact business.

Join us on April 23rd for a webinar in which Richard Kemp, Deirdre Moynihan  and Chris Kemp from top specialist Kemp IT Law will focus on IP hot topics for software, algos, AI and the cloud. We will:

  • review recent and upcoming big cases
  • provide practical pointers to protecting AI algos and datasets and
  • assess the new IP issues raised by the cloud.

We’ll also take a quick look into our crystal ball on what Brexit post-transition will mean for IP in the UK.

09.00 – 09.05:       Welcome – Richard Kemp, Founder & Partner

09.05 – 09.25:       Software

  • APIs – Google v Oracle – Deirdre Moynihan, Partner & Chris Kemp, Associate
  • Indirect licensing – SAP v Diageo 3 years on – Deirdre
  • open source software – the Affero GPL and the ‘as a Service’ world – Richard

09.25 – 09.40:       Algos and AI – Richard

  • algo IP – IP in algorithms, computer generated works and computer implemented inventions
  • IP in AI datasets, insights and outputs – the growing importance of trade secrets

09.40 – 10.00:      The cloud

  • text and data mining and copyright – Deirdre
  • copyright – the communication to the public right – Deirdre
  • cloud IP – the patent troll threat – Richard

10.00 – 10.05:       Brexit – Brexit and code IP post transition – Deirdre

10.05 – 10.15:       Q&A/discussion

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